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the sea tac by writers ukraine's top diplomat seems siding with the rebels and directing some of his own foul language at the russian president. yesterday remains to create two hundred gas dead or else be put on a pre-pay system and europe's worried with its own gas supply virtually held hostage on kiev's with. where the u.s. because of military launchpad for possible help for iraq is the country teeters on the brink of collapse terrorists dominate the north keeping baghdad in the crosshairs. and with scotland's historic independence referendum now less than one hundred days away r.t.
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is some of the hopes and fears feeling the yes and no campaign. getting this is art international monitors kevin oh it's just past nine pm here and i would r.t. h.q. our top story russia's embassy in ukraine has been vandalized by crowds of young people who threw stones and petrol bombs and drew nazi symbols on the walls the russian foreign minister has filed an official complaint with kiev no demanding compensation for the damage done he says the rioters were trying to storm the embassy and could have been intending to shed blood is ukrainian counterpart was indeed one of those in the crowd outside the embassy he was shouting obscene slogans together with the vandals for scott has the details from kiev despite the fact that there was no up police presence to stop events unfolding on. on saturday
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which is in breach of the vienna convention incidentally which says that all embassy should be protected from attack by the host nation despite this lack of police presence one official did turn up that was ukraine's interim foreign minister he was there siding with the demonstrators now he expressed his concern for the safety of the ukrainian stuff inside the embassy and he also called for the closure of the border between russia and ukraine but the diplomats was caught on camera using less than diplomatic language when talking about russian president vladimir putin you are going to have a good start because we will see what i think it looks very good. for the. well what this means for diplomatic relations between russia and ukraine remains to be seen russia have taken their concerns over saturday's events to the united nations they're calling for a resolution condemning the attack on their embassy which is apparently being blocked by western nations now police say it all started on saturday when around
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one hundred demonstrators arrived outside the embassy carrying anti russia placards and shouting anti putin slogans but the mood soon turned sour and the atmosphere deteriorated when masked men believed to be from the right sector turned up they started pelting the building with paint and with eggs and they smashed windows as well they overturned vehicles and smashed cars to pieces the demonstrators are angry accusing russia of supplying arms to anti-government forces in the east of ukraine it's believed that many of the masked men were from the right sector because they were red and black right sector ban is giving their identity away. scott reporting that well it appears indeed to swearing at another country's president in front of their embassy is an indication of diplomatic skill at least that's what the american ambassador thinks is a post from his to defeat re praises the ukrainian foreign ministers behavior. when ukrainian m.p. also arrived at the scene of the rioting it's thought he went there to try and ease the situation. was but
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insurgency was egged on he was how they were stowed and urged to throw it at the embassy he tried to protest that protest was in vain the deputy succumbed to the pressure of the end. of the riots as did learn a hard lesson in how crowds can turn out just a few minutes later this. protocol greenspace was. for tester probably took exception to the deputy turning up in a luxury car the deputy was and said i want to bust out of the crowd punctured the ties of his car. ukraine's president hasn't commented on the attack on the russian embassy and according to michael carley is an expert on russian relations with the west he's being cautious and rightly so. i'm guessing that he needs to consult his american brokers and perhaps also as private sector backers.
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he's caught between a rock and a hard place his main strongest backers want to open conflict with russia but he's not a stupid man and he must know that such a conflict would put an end to his presidency if i were in his boots as. he doesn't have a lot of time to make his mind up be sitting on top of the heaving you know. the mainstream media also support the wave of anger against russia a growing opposition and ukrainian newspaper media reports that he schecter explain to me why they're so insistent in their accusations. suddenly with the events in iraq american media is shifting its attention away from ukraine to iraq ukrainians who support the current government want to bring it back to ukraine the way to do that is with charges that russia is somehow either invading sending tanks clear or other ways or representing a threat to ukraine and so there's
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a game being played here clearly a geopolitical game staging incidents that could lead to a over response by russians which they could then use to justify calls for intervention or more support from the united states another town in eastern ukraine suffered heavy damage from shelling we can report this is what but looks like after a night of bombardment what so said to be artillery and rocket launcher fire hit the central market a bus station that paralyzed public transport there several houses as you can see also leveled the anti-government forces so the army was the one firing for their part the military officials then the activists in return. to the disadvantaged the town the city into this into days of artillery attacks earlier this week video emerged allegedly showing fire bombs being dropped there we spoke to a former british army intelligence officer who's recently returned from ukraine he told us the attack bears the hallmarks of banned phosphorus weapons. i've seen the
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video i've looked at it closely it does indeed tallow is what one might say other signs the hallmarks of white phosphorus use for example a very bright light burning and multiple burns coming down from the sky it's an air could use such as a mortar or perhaps from an aircraft and then of course again the telltale still burning the videos i've seen in the daytime showing actually this very territorial white or gray smoke so white phosphorus being used as an alarming development of course it needn't necessarily be legal but it depends on the use a chicken said and that's exactly why of course a lot of and indeed other people even from the west should be even if they haven't so far should be calling for a pop in for an investigation of this incident to prevent escalating ukrainian authorities have declared sunday a day of mourning after anti-government forces shot down a military plane in the lugansk region killing all forty nine on board as the
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army's operation against the activists intensify is some the number of casualties grow more and more young men are refusing to be drafted into the ukrainian military pull asli reports next on why they're turning their back on national service. kiev's military operation continues the army is in a pitched battle with anti-government activists but it's also struggling to keep itself together. that's a tough one but now they're sending me to war calling on me to kill people in long just like me more and more soldiers are refusing to obey orders and despite a kid's full military mobilization in march the quick mint has all but dried up whereas once they used to be for drafting officers in lugansk today there's only one and it's quiet they won't let us inside with the cameras i spoke with a clock and he said there hasn't been any kind of recruitment here for weeks i asked to speak with a person in charge but was told that he's taken early retirement.
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last month then acting president turchynov signed a decree calling on all men aged eighteen to twenty five to enroll those who did not list in jail but this young man is prepared to risk even more he's not only ignored his call up he's now fighting against the very army in which he is meant to serve. and go to draft letter on the third of march that said i should go to the army i refused i didn't even go to the drafting center i'm not going to fight against my own people we have spirit ideals patriotism they don't have that there are any good orders and money but others did on said the call to serve a decision they now have a great maria's son is twenty years old he was drafted a year ago and disserving in western ukraine she's worried that because he comes from the east he himself will be seen as the enemy of the here person who hoard i
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want him home as soon as possible we are missing him we are really missing him. the army is said to lack food and ammunition and a sense of purpose we didn't have any food instead they've been fifty hours with promises that it's going to happen tomorrow but we are tired of waiting as the casualty count climbs it will become harder and harder to convince young men they should put their lives on the line for a cause many don't believe in policy r.t. eastern ukraine. ukrainian authorities nice to detain two journalists from a russian t.v. channel there on route to an airport to return home this is the latest in a series of incidents where russian reporters have been a friend if you want to find out more about the fake can call. the u.s. aircraft carriers heading for the persian gulf as washington propose a foothold in case military operations are required in iraq this last week extremists from the islamic state in iraq and syria group advanced to within fifty
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kilometers of baghdad driven by the goal of creating a radical hotbed in the region it's the second largest city meanwhile in the second largest city mosul this goal may already have become reality militants there are reportedly planning to create a new government this is they. resorted to rolling volunteers in the struggle to try to hold back the offensive of the terrorists the radical groups turned the u.s. military campaign in iraq to its advantage seizing american army hardware that was early is supplied to iraq parties what important details. but one leaving behind a sovereign stable and self-reliant iraq two and a half years later the people of america left behind are running away leaving for their lives around half a million people have already escaped from iraq's second city mosul after the i.s.i. all forced the army to retreat reports a gunman have also seized a nearby oil refinery town iraq's prime minister calling for
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a state of emergency after hundreds of gunman took control of strategic parts of the northern sea. by wednesday militants had seized the turkish consulate in mussel kidnapping the head of diplomatic mission and two dozen staff members some thirty thousand iraqi soldiers reportedly turned and ran as militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria known as isis moved in unleashing an all out assault on the city they've taken control of hospitals police stations they have taken control of ammunition dumps and weapons stores that the fleeing government forces of what they've left behind many of the abandoned weapons and military hardware now in the hands of hardline terrorists who are imported into iraq from gas where i think you all are aware of the shipments that we've provided that include the delivery of three hundred hellfire missiles millions of rounds of small arms fire thousands of rounds of tank ammunition helicopter fired rockets that iraqi security forces and
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don't forget about the u.s. supplied humvees here you can see isis insurgents riding and inspecting the vehicles driving them across the border into war torn syria critics call it an unintended consequence of the u.s. war in iraq coming home to roost there weren't any real sizable organized militant groups in iraq until al qaeda of the mesopotamia rose during the flight back to the u.s. invasion to help the army we train them for eight years and that didn't seem to work bush dismantled the original iraqi army after the us invasion and that's the root of the problem the u.s. war in iraq cost washington close to one trillion dollars in the lives of more than forty five hundred soldiers hundreds of thousands of iraqis have reportedly been killed while the u.s. was looking for w m d's and spreading democracy. the unified and competent
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iraqi military that was allegedly a stablished has buckled weapons that were made in the usa are. now in the hands of america's enemies and the country left to fend for itself in a state of crisis sure enough but now i have r.t. . the un indeed says more than the founders and civilians have been killed this month alone eight hundred thousand people have been forced to flee their homes to escape the advancing jihadists situations no better of the troops either isis both of those executed around seventeen hundred captured iraqi soldiers gruesome pictures have been emerging in the last few hours indeed let's not overlook why the army appears to be so powerless than against the oncoming islamist fighters firstly when the extremists seize mosul it opened up access to cash arms and ammunition all vitally important another key asset isis is striving to capture is iraq's largest oil refining area the militants did briefly going control over it before being
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pushed out again by the army the number of militants is growing to the group said to have helped hundreds of prisoners escaped from jail swelling its ranks in the process on top of that it's exploiting them fuelling sectarian tension already in the community gathering support among radicalized sunni muslims while another branch of the group operates a stove or the border in syria that's providing a steady flow of reinforcements into iraq in the week i spoke to peter van buren he served with the u.s. foreign service for more than twenty years he told me thinks the world is just beginning to feel the consequences of the u.s. led war in iraq. when you deliver weapons to the battlefield you really have no control over what happens to them the united states has made a number of terrible mistakes in iraq and supplying all these weapons including air to ground missiles and things that could easily leak out of iraq and threaten us elsewhere everything that we're seeing today is made inevitable by the two thousand and three invasion the united states never understood that iraq was three separate
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states the sunni the shia and the purged state held together by a strong man saddam and a very powerful security apparatus when all of that was done away with it was inevitable that some kind of settling was going to be necessary for these three groups to live what you're seeing right now is the inevitable settling of the mess the united states kicked over. heading into a very quick break but straight off of that a lot more news including the scottish way out of a not so united kingdom. debating american foreign policy is there one any more traditionally the political left and right and clearly different positions on how washington should exert power in the world today it appears everyone in the establishment is a hawk. speak your language.
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use programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. but will turn to bangalore stories. here. the spanish more and more visit. with economic down in the final month. and the rest. will be every week.
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all over again so the clock continues to take care of now it's less than twenty four hours to pay at least half of its gas bills to russia the total which now exceeds four billion dollars if it doesn't pay it will be transferred over to a prepay system in it'll get exactly as much gas as it pays for in advance. but in a coach never about why a deal seems so far off even at this very late stage. average single party that is involved in this really ongoing dispute only stand to lose and russia including us the country is losing billions in rafa news and we're talking about an enormous sum of money that the state budget is quite depended on and of course there is the country's reputation as a reliable allergy supplier now that refutation is currently at stake you mentioned russia presumably kiev is going to lose the most it's true while however while the
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row has rumbled on at the same time ukraine has been secretly stockpiling gas reserves and just recently the country's government announced that they do have enough to last app until i am and that's even without paying now apart from that ukrainian people do stand to lose out shafts simply dance are piling up and russia has already offered a lower gas price but you more and the longer key of refuses to compromise and negotiate the the higher the eventual bill will be many people want to show you the rest of europe is a bystander in all of this but actually europe could suffer to it's true because europe is not at all a bystander actually the european supplies are most triscuit but just looking simply at this graphic suit can see how much you are is the patent on gas from supplies and there's actually more than that for some european nations gas from is
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the only an energy source so if this continues to be the case when ukraine refuses to compromise which it does at the moment then you are likely faces being cut off in the near future and we've been in that situation before when ukraine feel to meet its gas obligations and that's led to only one thing ukraine was siphoning off gas that wasn't. tended for european customers so just recently the borel bank asked a maid at that such as the naira could see a massive price hike for gas for european nations in some cases up to fifty per cent and actually i try to sell mother some of the factors there are styling this negotiations but still no deal despite concession after compromise after concession . to see others of we were numb pickles is the russians offered to reduce the gas
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price by one hundred dollars a so-called discount on those cute and so they did a lowering the price to three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters which is roughly what european countries pay for russian gas what's more moscow is ready to guarantee that trade for increased year and refereeing the e.u. found the offer fair. i believe three hundred eighty five dollars is a reduction and it can be considered reasonable but with some people you give an inch and they take a mile and we supply. we pay the price that we consider is the market rate and that is two hundred sixty eight dollars for a thousand cubic meters is acceptable when mr crane as you know has been offered a very generous discount on this and yet they still what role and it really is quite incredible that the. of the ukrainian government is i don't think any amount
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of this got ready will satisfy ukraine they're supporting for fight it however key of stubbornness may not be rooted in what it needs but what it wants which could well be profits could insisted on the ukraine wants to receive cheap gas and resell it basically making money using russia it's a very odd positions. another stumbling block what to do with ukraine's foreign a half billion dollar gas debt to russia. ukraine's naftogaz is not going to pay its debt to gasp from until we reach a package agreement by its occurrence because that on the strategy of the ukrainian side is outright blackmail according to kiev a deal can be reached only and exclusively on ukrainian terms russia's gas from offering to save the day or at least offered a huge saving pay half of the debts and get a twenty percent discount on the rest otherwise ukraine would be switched to
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a pay in advance system russia needs to make sure that ukraine is paying the market price no ifs no buts no cackling no waffling pay the market price as another country does. so far the quarreling sides have failed to reach an amicable solution he thought teaches practically ukraine's acting prime minister has scuppered the talks from the start ukraine took no constructive steps made no compromises and apparently wants to maximally aggravate our gas relations which may not be says ing well with the european partners the ukrainian government is being intransigent and also putting the people of europe at risk that's why the e.u. is actually cautiously supporting russia's position of this poem by with monday's deadline taking average closer helps for a breakthrough a slowly fading away lines in the question r.t.
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moscow. it's terrific news to start the week we'll keep you posted on it now while some countries keep on snooping on this citizens there's one that is finally it seems to look for internet users online oceanfront who that is what intermediate canada the top court there insists law enforcers must get permission from internet providers before they try i will tell you online how that ruling came about also that too from outer space to underwater depths on our web site website find out why nasa is now sending its teams to live on the ocean floor that might surprise you. some eighty palestinians have been arrested in connection with the abduction of three jewish teenagers from the west bank israel's prime minister has accused her massive faction of the newly formed palestinian government of kidnapping them human rights activists you're exactly told that the breakdown of peace talks as led to an escalation in violence. i really hope we go back to the situation where we talk
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with the palestinians about ending the conflict about the status agreement which is the real necessity where there is a vacuum where in leadership leaders don't talk and i'm sad to see that the israeli government gave up and very easily and it has been playing more of a. blame game with that wasn't instead of going to go she was stable where there is a political vacuum violent elements coming in and we see the result i think the best way to prevent such in the future is to have a permanent status agreement agreement between us of the palestinians that will serve israel's national interest best because continuing this situation is as we see brings more and more violence and hard. scotland's historic independence referendum is inching ever closer passing the one hundred days to go this week both sides are busy trying to sway undecided scots the but the mobile has got
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a clear lead in the polls but their opponents have been steadily gaining some ground increasing with support by four percent they've in the last four months for some of the choice is not between independence or not but between two radically different visions of scotland listening to opinions from both sides. and scoff and . feel money and also get a good deal a deal of money out we have a lot of pensions in scotland we've got to worry about i want to pay off our our pension bell the oil is as basic and get taxes and roll tears from it. you know the all prices dropping from the four you can base your entire. you know your tire caught me on oil with we together through war and peace. people as fanatics that's in for what it's worth is as a vassal states for the for the united states and we want to break with that and everything that that means but we all we want to say that we want to have influence we want to have influence with partners there with the economy and britain has been one just know is leading towards massive inequality on
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a historic scale and i think the real question is can we afford not to vote yes in september. this is a tense national stay with us next off the break fun having many wives is driving a wedge in society because of. recent events in ukraine definitely have a wide range of interpretation both russia and the west accuse the other of doing a lot of meddling some people call those who are fighting out east separatists or terrorists but others call them a people's militia fighting the kiev and this sort of situation everyone has their bias and it's hard to tell what is going on but i can tell you one thing in this sea of opinion the kiev side is using artillery and fact there have been numerous reports of artillery strikes like the one that just a few days ago hit the sales of hope orphanage which was thankfully empty at the
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time why is our tour such a big deal well if you send guys with guns in the fight they're going to see their target try to kill it but artillery shoots targets they can't even see they just throw shells at a general location and interestingly enough many locations seem to be in populated areas of the breakaway republics so who is the actual target of randomly shelling populated areas well if we turn on our brains for a second we can see that artillery is one of the worst ways to take out a specific threat in a local population but it sure is a good way to eliminate the entire local population because maybe that's who the quote threat actually is but that's just my opinion. choose your language. make it with the infidels synthesis and. choose with the consent to. choose to use that you think
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a great tool. to use to store yesterday. to to access. there's a medium leave us so we need to be. by the scene potions to cure the play your part of the physical. push is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our t.v. .


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